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Soma FontFriend Bookmarklet Released

I’ve been inspired by a few dif­fer­ent arti­cles to exper­i­ment with font stacks, but I want­ed a way to quick­ly see how dif­fer­ent font fam­i­lies looked with­in the con­text of my design right in the brows­er. For instance, how well does Geor­gia work as a fall­back for Con­stan­tia? (Pret­ty well.) How sim­i­lar are Hel­veti­ca Neue […]

CSS Defense Against MS Word

Copy and past­ing from MS Word into a CMS visu­al edi­tor pro­duces a world of styl­is­tic hurt. Some defen­sive CSS styles come to the rescue.

Web Standards Curriculum

Opera has released the begin­nings of a ter­rif­ic (and free) web stan­dards cur­ricu­lum. This should be a good resource for design­ers to edu­cate their clients!