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Doing Things the WordPress Way

This past Fri­day marked the sec­ond Win­nipeg Word­Press meet­up, and it was fan­tas­tic. It also marked my first time pre­sent­ing on a tech top­ic, and I thank every­one for let­ting me ram­ble for a while! Len from WPCana­da has a great write­up of the event and has high hopes for the future. My pre­sen­ta­tion was […]

Seth Godin Chooses The Erudite

Seth Godin should need no intro­duc­tion to any­one on the web. What might need intro­duc­tion is his new ven­ture called the Domi­no Project, in which he’s part­ner­ing with Ama­zon to rethink the fatal­ly flawed cur­rent pub­lish­ing mod­el. And, to get it up and run­ning, he’s run­ning Word­Press and a light­ly tweaked ver­sion of The Erudite. […]

The Erudite 2.7.7 Released

At long last: a new release of The Eru­dite that isn’t only avail­able on my site, but also on the WordPress.org theme direc­to­ry. As I pre­vi­ous­ly wrote, this has been a mas­sive pain in the ass due to the new theme require­ments. 2.7.7 intro­duces an option for page com­ments, which are on by default in […]

WordPress.org Theme Requirements Are a Drag

I tweet­ed a while ago about my mixed feel­ings about the new WordPress.org theme require­ments. They’ve already bit­ten me on the release of The Eru­dite 2.7.4, which was not approved by the theme direc­to­ry folks for fail­ing to meet a num­ber of require­ments. High stan­dards are a great thing. Over­all I think that the theme […]

Smarter Custom Post Types 1.3

First­ly, you can now find every­thing at its own project page: Smarter Cus­tom Post Types. Updat­ing the orig­i­nal post every time I edit­ed some­thing was­n’t awe­some. In 1.3 I tweaked the label UI han­dling to work prop­er­ly with recent updates to label han­dling for cus­tom post types, and cleaned up the code a bit. Go […]