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Smarter Custom Post Types 1.3

First­ly, you can now find every­thing at its own project page: Smarter Cus­tom Post Types. Updat­ing the orig­i­nal post every time I edit­ed some­thing was­n’t awe­some. In 1.3 I tweaked the label UI han­dling to work prop­er­ly with recent updates to label han­dling for cus­tom post types, and cleaned up the code a bit. Go […]

Smarter Custom Post Types in WordPress 3.0

NOTE: I’ve moved this into its own project page, where you can now find the down­load link and leave com­ments. This post will no longer be updat­ed and com­ments are now off. Word­Press 3.0 is almost ready for prime-time, and with it full sup­port for cus­tom post types. You can read about the tech­ni­cal details of […]