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FontFriend in Print

Font­Friend got a lit­tle shoutout in this month’s issue of Print mag­a­zine. Thanks to Bev for let­ting me know! Print doesn’t seem to put much of their magazine’s con­tent on their web­site, so I took the photo above. If you don’t feel like read­ing the grainy iPhone photo (no, I wasn’t about to spend $20 […]

FontFriend 2.2 Update

This is a two-fold small update to Font­Friend, the typo­graph­i­cally obsessed web designer’s best friend. A request came in over Twit­ter for inline styles in the Font Fam­ily sec­tion. Good idea, and it’s now in there. It’s also a small update because Font­Friend is even smaller — I’m now mini­fy­ing it (using YUI Com­pres­sor), which brings […]

Quix Bookmarklet

Here’s some­thing pretty cool — a meta-bookmarklet called Quix.app by Joost de Valk. It gives you access to dozens of func­tions and book­marklets in one con­tainer. Invoke the book­marklet and type, for instance, “gs where do babies come from” to run a Google search on the cur­rent site you’re view­ing. There are oodles of goodies […]

FontFriend 1.0 Released

I haven’t given Font­Friend much atten­tion since it was released, but I put­tered around with it a bit over the week­end and fig­ured that it deserves a proper 1.0 release now. If you’re already using the book­marklet, you’re run­ning the lat­est and great­est auto­mat­i­cally. Fea­tures added in 1.0 include: a field for a cus­tom font […]

Soma FontFriend Bookmarklet Released

I’ve been inspired by a few dif­fer­ent arti­cles to exper­i­ment with font stacks, but I wanted a way to quickly see how dif­fer­ent font fam­i­lies looked within the con­text of my design right in the browser. For instance, how well does Geor­gia work as a fall­back for Con­stan­tia? (Pretty well.) How sim­i­lar are Hel­vetica Neue […]