FontFriend 2.2 Update

This is a two-fold small update to Font­Friend, the typo­graph­i­cally obsessed web designer’s best friend. A request came in over Twit­ter for inline styles in the Font Fam­ily sec­tion. Good idea, and it’s now in there.

Non-present fonts show up as monospace

It’s also a small update because Font­Friend is even smaller — I’m now mini­fy­ing it (using YUI Com­pres­sor), which brings the total size from 12.5K to 10K. Not a huge sav­ings, but every bit helps, and I made my first build  script in the process.

Because it pulls directly from Google Code, there’s noth­ing to do other than see the new ver­sion show up. (Clear your cache if you keep see­ing 2.1.)

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    tsetrong nice!