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Improve Windows Type Rendering With ttfautohint

In a stroke of genius, Werner Lem­berg has started the ttfau­to­hint project, which repur­poses FreeType’s auto­hint­ing sys­tem to auto­mat­i­cally hint True­Type fonts for improved Win­dows ren­der­ing. While no auto­hin­ter will be able to match the eye and skills of a man­ual hin­ter, ttfau­to­hint pro­vides real world improve­ments, some­times dra­mat­i­cally. For exam­ple, I’m work­ing as a […]

FontFriend 2.5

Font­Friend was designed and coded as dur­ing the twi­light of the pre-webfont era. In fact, it was abstracted out of some code I’d been using while devel­op­ing the CSS font stacks for my Word­Press theme The Eru­dite. I haven’t been using it much as of late, as I’ve been wear­ing my devel­oper hat more than […]

Soma Web Font Specimen

When Tim Brown released v2 of the Web Font Spec­i­men (WFS) a few weeks back, he hon­oured me by ask­ing for my feed­back a cou­ple of days before releas­ing it to the world. I had a cou­ple of sug­ges­tions that he took into con­sid­er­a­tion but ulti­mately decided to leave aside. Since he licensed WFS with […]

The New Web Font Specimen

Tim Brown released the Web Font Spec­i­men in con­junc­tion with his arti­cle Real Web Type in Real Web Con­text on A List Apart back in Novem­ber. He updated it last week to v2 which is laser-focused on see­ing what your type looks like in your browser. One very cool com­po­nent of this release is that […]

Good Web Fonts

This isn’t “new” news, but in the web­font wild west, qual­ity might pass you by. One large prob­lem with web­fonts is that the qual­ity of most fonts that are suit­ably licensed for web­font embedding—in other words, free fonts—is not that high. Ser­vices such as Type­kit remain the pre­dom­i­nant way to get your hands on high-quality […]