Good Web Fonts

This isn’t “new” news, but in the web­font wild west, qual­i­ty might pass you by. One large prob­lem with web­fonts is that the qual­i­ty of most fonts that are suit­ably licensed for web­font embedding—in oth­er words, free fonts—is not that high. Ser­vices such as Type­kit remain the pre­dom­i­nant way to get your hands on high-qual­i­ty com­mer­cial fonts (although FontSpring is a notable exception).

But, for those look­ing to find the best qual­i­ty free web­fonts, the good folks at Good Web Fonts have put togeth­er an excel­lent list of high-qual­i­ty free fonts suit­able for web use. I’ve dis­cov­ered some hid­den gems there, and it’s now first on my list of places to con­sult when decid­ing on a web­font for a new design.