FontFriend in Print

Font­Friend got a lit­tle shoutout in this month’s issue of Print mag­a­zine. Thanks to Bev for let­ting me know!

Print, April 2010, p.80. Click image for full size.

Print doesn’t seem to put much of their magazine’s con­tent on their web­site, so I took the photo above. If you don’t feel like read­ing the grainy iPhone photo (no, I wasn’t about to spend $20 just to stroke my ego), here’s the full text:

Occa­sion­ally dur­ing a web project’s con­struc­tion phase, the designer will decide that the type doesn’t look quite right. This is often due to slight but still notice­able dif­fer­ences between Photoshop’s text ren­der­ing and that of the mul­ti­ple browsers a site has to sup­port. In response, the designer some­times has to do mul­ti­ple rounds of slight tweaks to size and spacing.

To help with this, Soma Design’s Matt Wiebe offers the Font­Friend book­marklet. Just drag it to your browser tool­bar, acti­vate it on the page you want to edit, and a panel is exposed that can be used to edit a selec­tion of the most com­mon browser text set­tings. A few sim­ple pre­sets are offered for text that is affected, but the power of the jQuery Javascript library’s selec­tor engine is avail­able for more spe­cific selec­tions. (An explana­tory link is pro­vided from the panel, but it’s any­thing you could do with basic CSS syn­tax, and more.)

Ide­ally, the task of using Font­Friend would be handed off tot the designer directly, who could send final mod­i­fi­ca­tions straight to production.

For more pro­gres­sive web designs using the new @font-face pos­si­bil­i­ties, the book­marklet can take care of a new fea­ture in Fire­fox 3.6 that allows you to drag a font file directly onto the panel to select the fam­ily of your choice.