The Erudite 2.6 released

The Eru­dite 2.6 has been released. It’s not yet avail­able in the themes repo as I write this, but you can down­load it from the project page.

2.6 includes sup­port for WP 3.0’s new nav menus, which puts you in full con­trol of your header. If you have only one nav menu, it’ll use it. If you want to user more than one nav menu, be sure to call the one you want in the header “Header”. If you don’t have any nav menus, it’ll fall back to 2.5’s pages or cat­e­gory behaviour.

Some other things that were included:

  • A Beloruss­ian translation
  • an option to dis­able visual edi­tor styles
  • lots of code cleanup — got rid of some dep­re­cated functions

Also, The Eru­dite is now on github! I’m prob­a­bly going to move all fea­ture requests/bug reports over there, as the com­ments sec­tion on the project page has got­ten pretty unwieldy.