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Better Google Fonts

Google Web Fonts is an awe­some source of free, open source fonts hooked up to a world-class CDN. It’s also, sadly, filled with one-off nov­elty fonts vying for the title of “the new Comic Sans.” I quickly dis­cov­ered that a good met­ric for higher-quality fonts was the pres­ence of at least one alter­nate. The Google […]

Testing IE9’s WOFF Support

IE9 offi­cially sup­ports the new WOFF for­mat for embed­ding web­fonts. And there was much rejoic­ing. But, the ques­tion that’s been nag­ging away at me has been: how do we as web devel­op­ers account for IE’s legacy EOT for­mat while giv­ing pref­er­en­tial treat­ment to the emerg­ing WOFF stan­dard? The short answer is: keep using Paul Irish’s […]

FontFriend in Print

Font­Friend got a lit­tle shoutout in this month’s issue of Print mag­a­zine. Thanks to Bev for let­ting me know! Print doesn’t seem to put much of their magazine’s con­tent on their web­site, so I took the photo above. If you don’t feel like read­ing the grainy iPhone photo (no, I wasn’t about to spend $20 […]

That Was Not OK

The Idea Have you ever found your­self in a social set­ting where someone’s inad­e­quate social skills cause con­ster­na­tion to every­one around them? Of course you have. Have you ever wished there was a way to dis­creetly tell them that their behav­iour is not OK? Now you can. That Was Not OK is here to help. Print […]