WordPress Themes Directory

Hot on the heels of the release of Word­Press 2.6, the WP crew has unveiled the long await­ed revamp of the WP Themes Direc­to­ry. The old themes direc­to­ry had been defunct for a long time, so it’s engourag­ing to see this final­ly go live.

I’ve been wait­ing for the theme direc­to­ry to go live as a sol­id resource to point friends and clients to, as the cur­rent lack of an “offi­cial” repos­i­to­ry has been cause for some cau­tion when down­load­ing themes which might include linkspam or more mali­cious issues. It also gives me the impe­tus to start work­ing on the free theme I’ve been plan­ning for a while.

One ques­tion I have that isn’t explained in the announce­ment post is: how are updates going to work? Will there be any type of user-noti­fi­ca­tion and/or auto-update sys­tem sim­i­lar to how plu­g­ins began to behave in 2.5? Will theme devel­op­ers be able to instant­ly update their themes, or will they have to be sub­mit­ted and vet­ted as in the ini­tial submission?

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    Great, time to get me some themes