FontFriend 3.2 Released: Now With More Google

When I released Font­Friend 3.1, I men­tioned that Google Web Fonts didn’t have a prop­er API, mak­ing things dif­fi­cult. They still don’t have a pub­lic API, but on Thurs­day I was giv­en “trust­ed tester” access to the new API. It won’t look that much dif­fer­ent, but there’ll be a few fonts work­ing now that weren’t before (mul­ti-vari­ants like PT Sans and IM Fell).

I’ve start­ed using Font­Friend exten­sive­ly on my Soma Web Font Spec­i­men (or, if you like, on the orig­i­nal) as a great way to eval­u­ate Google Web Fonts, as the direc­to­ry looks like an app, not a web page (although v2 of the direc­to­ry looks awe­some). If you have Font­Friend installed already, you’re already up to date. If you don’t, go install it now!