Midwives Association of Manitoba

Midwives Association of Manitoba thumbnail
The Midwives Association of Manitoba wanted a warm, organic and decidedly non-corporate logo.

Cloverdale Farm

Cloverdale Farm thumbnail
A logo that evokes "rustic elegance" for a log cabin-based bed & breakfast in rural Manitoba.

Lindenview Therapy

Lindenview Therapy thumbnail
Lindenview Therapy wanted a tough, serious-looking logo that appealed to their primary demographic of industrial labourers, while maintaining a broad appeal.

Arcadia Event Planning

Arcadia Event Planning thumbnail
Modern meets organic, with personality to spare.

Linden Lakes Dental Centre

Linden Lakes Dental Centre thumbnail
Linden Lakes Dental Centre wanted a logo that was calm, and soothing—the opposite of the stereotype of dentists. Soma produced a logo with natural imagery and modern style.