The New Web Font Specimen

Tim Brown released the Web Font Spec­i­men in con­junc­tion with his arti­cle Real Web Type in Real Web Con­text on A List Apart back in Novem­ber. He updat­ed it last week to v2 which is laser-focused on see­ing what your type looks like in your browser.

One very cool com­po­nent of this release is that Type­kit—who Tim now works for—has inte­grat­ed the Web Font Spec­i­men into their ser­vice. See, for exam­ple, FF Meta Serif Web Pro Book.

But the part that makes me blush is that Tim decid­ed to include Font­Friend on the new Web Font Spec­i­men home­page as an ide­al com­pan­ion to the spec­i­men. In order to feel like I deserved a spot on there, I’ve added a spe­cial fea­ture to Font­Friend: it now detects if you’re on the Web Font Spec­i­men demo and auto­mat­i­cal­ly updates the font name when you select a font family.

Don’t have Font­Friend yet? Go to the Font­Friend project page and get it now.