Some Cranky WordPress Plugins

It looks like I may carve out a niche for cranky Word­Press plu­g­ins. This could either be seen as a per­son­al­ity flaw or as a per­fect fit within open-source cul­ture. In either case, Word­Press makes it easy for irri­ta­ble peo­ple to release plu­g­ins to change what they don’t like about it. I’ve done so twice recently.

Kill Admin­bar Search

WP 3.1 intro­duced the admin bar, which is gen­er­ally quite use­ful. How­ever, because WordPress’s search is gen­er­ally not use­ful, hav­ing the search field take up so much real estate is some­what frus­trat­ing. So, I made a plu­gin to remove it. You can down­load Kill Admin­bar Search from the plu­g­ins repo.

Use Hel­vetica Dangit

WP 3.2 (cur­rently in beta 2) has revamped the admin styles. It looks good, but we’ve made the griev­ous error of plac­ing Arial before Hel­vetica in the font stack, which I protested. What we should do instead is sim­ply declare font-family: sans-serif; and be done with it: this would ren­der Hel­vetica Neue on Macs, Arial on Win­dows, and what­ever Helvetica-like default sys­tem sans-serif is set on any given Linux dis­tro. But, since my plu­gin is optional, I’ve declared every Hel­vetica vari­ant under the sun, because nobody should have to look at Arial if they don’t have to. Down­load Use Hel­vetica Dan­git from the plu­g­ins repo.


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  1. Posted August 24, 2011 at 8:14 pm | Permalink

    Ok, I have tried over and over to install the Kill admin Bar plug in, But I am miss­ing some­thing. Tried every­thing their sup­port forum said to do but noth­ing has worked yet. Sug­ges­tions? is the site, go to the blog on the menu. Help Please :)