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Realistic CSS3 Buttons Redux

A cou­ple of weeks ago I posted Real­is­tic Look­ing CSS3 But­tons, in which I tried to make awesome-looking CSS3 but­tons that required no extra markup. For peo­ple who like more code and less talk, the end of the post has the link to the demo. As awe­some as they were, they required an explicit width. This […]

Realistic Looking CSS3 Buttons

UPDATE: I pub­lished Real­is­tic CSS3 But­tons Redux to make even bet­ter but­tons. A while back Mike Run­dle posted the ter­rific arti­cle Craft­ing Sub­tle & Real­is­tic User Inter­faces. He clearly artic­u­lates design details which make but­tons look real­is­tic and there­fore push-able. If you haven’t read it, go there, spend lots of time look­ing at his excellent […]