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The Erudite 1.4 Released

I’ve bumped The Eru­dite to ver­sion 1.4 today. This release adds the abil­i­ty to turn off the dynam­ic head­er and foot­er, and adds a few small typo­graph­ic fix­es sur­round­ing the dis­play of nest­ed lists. You can down­load this release over at the project page, or from the WP.org themes direc­to­ry when­ev­er they update it.

The Erudite 1.3 Released

This release fix­es an issue with dis­play­ing ping­backs prop­er­ly and adds a pref­er­ence for dis­abling the dynam­ic “Keep Read­ing” func­tion­al­i­ty on the home­page. I did­n’t post about 1.2, but it added a local­iza­tion tem­plate to help non-Eng­lish writ­ers to trans­late it into their own lan­guage. You can down­load this release over at the project page, […]

The Erudite 1.1 Released

After see­ing The Eru­dite in the wild for a few days, I’ve cleaned a few things up and released v1.1. This is the “who’d have guessed that peo­ple would use it in ways I would­n’t have guessed” edi­tion. If you’re a writer who wants read­ers, go ahead and down­load it.

The Erudite WordPress Theme

Most Word­Press themes are about more graph­ics, more bling, more spots for ban­ners ads and cus­tomiza­tion out the wazoo. There’s sure­ly a place for some of that. But some peo­ple start­ed blog­ging to, you know, write. The Eru­dite is a Word­Press theme for writ­ers. You can see it in action, or go to the project […]

WordPress Themes Directory

Today the Word­Press devel­op­ers announced the re-open­ing of the (long await­ed) new and improved WP theme direc­to­ry. Although some ques­tions remain, this is a very wel­come announce­ment.